Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Black Eyed Peas, Collard Greens and Apple, Dijon Pork Chop

Happy New Year Everyone!

I thought I would give you a little history as to why black eyed peas are thought to bring good luck by eating on New Year's Day.  According to Wikipedia,  the traditional meal features black eyed peas, collard, turnip or mustard greens and pork.  The peas, since they swell when cooked, symbolize prosperity and good luck; the greens symbolize money; the pork, because pigs root forward when foraging, represents positive motion.  

To be within the tradition of New Year's Day I have made Black Eyed Peas, Collard Greens and Apple Dijon Pork Chops.
I hope that you have had a safe celebration of the New Year and lots of black eyed peas for good luck!

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