Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rotel Chicken Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Poblano peppers!  Are they hot or not?  Some of these babie can be hot!  The heat is found in the seeds and membranes (remove if you do not want the heat). Typically poblanos are very mild in flavor and very delicious.  They are low in carbohydrates (2.7grams per 1 pepper), high in Vitamin C and Potassium (113.28m per raw pepper).  If you boil the pepper it will cause you to loose most of the nutritional value but roasting the pepper will prevent too much potassium loss.  Besides it's easier to peel the skins off!  These are going to be really good stuffed with chicken that has been cooked with Rotel tomatoes and then pureed and poured over the stuffed peppers.  (Rotel is a brand name and is not paying me to advertise for them, I just like their product!)

This is what they look like before I roasted them!

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