Saturday, January 7, 2012

Skinny Texas Chili

Happy New Year's Everyone.  I'm off to a late start for this New Year.  What was on your list of TO-DO's this year?  Mine as usual, is to eat healthier!  I'll be starting with a skinny, very low fat version of my Texas Chili.  This is for one of my followers that really loves chili and recently had a heart attack.  She had requested some of the Morton's Chili Blend that I use in my chili.  She use to be able to get it online and can no longer access the Morton's.  Before I could send her some, I was informed by her daughter that she had a heart attack and could no longer eat her beloved chili!  Well, I thought why not?  The only fat in chili comes from the meat, not the seasoning or the tomatoes or the beef broth (low sodium) of course.  So I made this chili last night.  Can you tell what kind of meat I used?  I surely can not taste any difference.  My meat only had 1 gram of fat and after it was browned, I drained the meat and then rinsed it off thoroughly with HOT water, returned it to a cleaned pot and continued on with the process.  This is for you Mary C.!
You can have your beloved chili and still eat a low fat diet!

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