Monday, September 13, 2010

Canning Green Beans

Our next adventure is canning green beans!  We can't use our water bath method on these and I am not happy about it.  We have to use the pressure cooking method.  I have never ever used a pressure cooker and frankly a little frightened about the possibility of it blowing up in my kitchen.  After much debate on freezing or canning I deceided to give it a shot.  Keep your fingers crossed and hope it all comes out ok!

"Canning Green Beans Year 1"

Buy a pressure canner at Walmart (they are not a sponsor of mine nor do they know who I am).  I found them cheaper there and it had a lot of good reviews.  

She's a beauty!

I used 5 pounds of beans from the farmer's market.  Make sure the beans snap and are not limp.  Snapping means fresh!

Wash your beans really well in soapy water.



Now  trim the ends of beans and cut into whatever length you want.  

Follow the directions of your pressure cooker for the rest.   Mine could be different than yours and I would hate for you to have a bad experience.

After all the stress over the pressure cooker I found that it was very easy to use and my beans turned out great.  Now I moving on to corn next.  My goal is to remove all the tin can foods from my pantry and go fresh!

Happy Eating!

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