Thursday, May 6, 2010

Potato Leek Soup

Simple, easy and comforting.
  I am having a spot removed from the top of my right hand.  So I will  be out of commission for a short time.  This was my pre-surgery cooking for myself.  I thought I should have something waiting for me at home and not to have to wait for hubby to concoct my lunch that day.  I always have a plan A and B.  This was plan A.  Plan B was take-out and I really do not like take-out.  As you will see at the end, I do not have a photo of the final product in a bowl.  I just ran out of time and then I ate all of it and did not take any photos.  Sorry I was hungry and in need of painkillers (take only with food!).  

So here it is and is really is a pre-anything food.

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