Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year' Eve

Ok friends, get those resolutions ready!  Do you have any?  How many?   I try not to make any resolutions because I usually break them.  I do have many thoughts about the up coming year and what I hope will happen,  what I am in control of in my life and how I can make my life richer and fuller.  Not sure I can be much happier than I already am, but one can always try.  I do hope for all of you lots of love, good health and friendship in the coming year.  I wish you all a Very Happy New Year.

Now for the good luck part:

Do you remember these?  Get them out of your freezer and get ready to cook those puppies tomorrow.
Your know these lovely jewels represent prosperity and good luck.  We can all use some of that!
So I am cooking a ton of these guys and will be eating them for days!

Have a wonderful celebration for the New Year and be careful out there.
Be Safe!

Happy New Year's Eve Ya'll

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